artist marybeth thielhelm . . .

black thalo sea, 2006 solar etching

black current sea, 2006 solar etching

cobalt sea, 2006 solar etching

indigo sea, 2006 solar etching

mint sea, 2006 solar etching

crimson sea, 2006 solar etching

tangerine sea, 2006 solar etching

lemon sea, 2006 solar etching

pink salmon sea, 2006 solar etching

white rose sea, 2006 solar etching

white moss sea, 2006 solar etching

. . . first of all, i am so so happy that we are finally getting a little cool front here in dallas! i just made it in from a walk with my other half & we just couldn't believe how nice & pleasant the breeze felt + what a lovely full moon we had tonight!

so, i thought i'd share some refreshing sea paintings by one of my favorite artist marybeth thielhelm & a little quote from one of my favorite poets!

. . . thirst drove me down to the water where i drank the moon's reflection - rumi

images via: sears-peyton gallery


cassaro fabrics . . .

. . . wow it's already august! summer is fading fast, although it's still oh so hot! 

things have been pretty busy & a bit crazy these last few weeks - i've been trying to find that zen place between all the things i want to do & all the things i have to do!  but i trust that everything will start to fall into place & i'll be back here, sharing my favorite finds with all of you!

. . . for example, how about these absolutely beautiful fabrics by cassaro + what lovely settee, huh?

happy week!

images via: cassaro