. . . happy thanksgiving!

photo by bobby doherty 

photo by Nordicfisherman 

photo by nathan ward 

photo by maren hoopfer

photo by simon nunn 

photo by nastya via flick

photo unknown

photo by lina scheynius 

i loved the orange light in the first pic & love how these pics have a feeling of being carefree, hanging out & just taking it easy - which is what i plan on doing during the holiday break. . . wishing you full bellies & lots of happy & relaxing family time! have a great Thanksgiving Holiday everyone! 


i want i want i want . . .

. . . all i want is a little bottle of nail polish...this mint green apple color...but it's all SOLD OUT!!!

For the nails, Karl wanted a green shade to evoke the jade notes of the collection. I worked with our laboratories to offer him a monochromatic palette of 10 green shades. We chose the color that most resembled the green tweed skirt suit from the collection,” - Peter Philips, CHANEL'S Global Creative Makeup Director

images via: http://www.style.com/
last (4) pics via: http://modelizing.blogspot.com/ 



Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween weekend! Mine could not of been anymore fun...nothing like eating, drinking & being scary with the folks you love!  

Well, as you can see I just cannot get enough of Miroslav Tichy! I absolutely love his work!  I read somewhere that he praised luck “Everything is about luck”, he said, "& how one can extract beauty from a mistake".  Hmmm, I like that...until next time my friends!