morrison seifert murphy architecture . . .

. . . ‎it was an absolutely beautiful day in Dallas today, to be out & about seeing amazing homes like this one designed by morrison seifert murphy.

i'm a big fan of their work - very modern, clean lined & minimalist.  the furniture design firm i work for has worked on a few projects with them in the past, one of which is the renaissance las vegas! 

i'll do a post of my favorite projects, very soon! so, stay tuned!

image via: my instagram app!


photographer yulia gorodinski . . .

. . . a few photos that caught my eye today! 

they go well with the breezy beautiful spring like weather we've been having even though it's november! the first image is so much fun - i'm also loving the aqua tones with the pops of deep red! 

...as you know i love photography & i can very much relate to yulia's thoughts below.  

hope you've enjoyed!

" My work consists of self-portraits. I am the model & the photographer...Most of my self-portraits are autobiographical; I like to convey my feelings through my photos or what I have been going through in my life at that time. I like the whole creative process involved. Also when I feel lonely I like to take photos it makes me feel better...I would say the nature of most of my photographs is melancholic." - via dazed digital

images via: yulia gorodinski