lisa bengtsson's mother in law wallpaper...

. . . i love swedish wallpaper designer lisa bengtsson's work...especially her "mother in law" collection. 

the fun & graphic, black & white shoe illustrations are perfect for any shoe lovers dressing room!

these are all shoes lisa has had, at one point or another, in her life...“each shoe breaths a history of our life – some of them stay forever, others leave only a footprint behind. what I like the most about shoes is their profile, silhouette & the relationship between its shape & shadow.” 

images via: lisa bengtsson


nicole romano jewelry . . .

gold plated brass rosette cluster necklace

vintage fan necklace

silver diamond earrings

silver lace tassel earrings

double tassel lariat necklace 

brass scarab necklace

silver lace bead drop earrings

black onyx drape

antique black drop earrings

mesh loops necklace

draped bean necklace

gold button drop earrings

. . . give me a chunky necklace & i will wear it! 

this collection by nicole romano is exceptionally chunky, fun & oh so fabulous!

nicole was a design intern at nicole miller & was encouraged by ms. miller to start a jewelry line, although she had no training in jewelry making. she was later discovered by patricia field who used her pieces on sex & the city.  

to get the full effect & see just how bold & chunky her pieces are go to her website & take a peek at her spring/summer 2008 & 2009 collections...very 80's & very bold! 

love them all!

happy day!


the boling studio . . .

. . . i came across architect skip boling, from the boling studio while researching loft renovations & was drawn to this project of his in williamsburg, brooklyn. he transformed this loft from a raw open concrete space to this fabulous living environment. what a view & what amazing windows! 

the windows are the original industrial steel frames that were simply re-glazed & even though i love tile, i really like the all concrete stucco finish in the shower.  

the owner of the space, ivonne casas said she was inspired by "modern architecture & furniture design" - sounds good to me! 

oh, i also especially loved the vintage chaise lounge...i may officially have loft envy!


she hit pause studios . . .

alone in blue

girl blowing bubbles
stained glass

telephone lines

red flowers
girl surfing
clouds in a mirror
sunflower on film

yellow shoes

girl on bench

. . . if you know me, you know i absolutely love old photos! 

especially if they're dreamy, soft & faded like these by brooklyn based photographer matt schwartz of she hit pause studios.  his work is not old, but made to look old. i love their 70's style feel! all i can say is wow, what an inspiration!

so glad it's warm out, summer is just around the corner! i'm so ready for a little vacation! where's my camera? 

hope you enjoy!

". . . Matt has been photographing his version of the pin-up girl for the past 10 years. His work has been described as "walking into a memory". All of his models are friends or people who have purchased his work..." via she hit pause studios


martin cooper . . .

. . . oh, i absolutely love these sketches

martin cooper is a fine art photographer, designer, costumer & blogger out of london.

"I've started sketching concept ballet costumes that are designed around 3 chief elements: the corset, ruched tulle, & the mutation of the leotard. The leotard is always the base, the foundation & the building block. The construction of the seams are sewn to the outside. I am essentially using the corsets as waist cinchers that are boned & laced, giving a nod to the classical corseted tutu, but done with a modern sensibility." - martin cooper via: http://www.martincooperphoto.com/


twelfth street by cynthia vincent...

tamara embroidered wooden clogs

. . . i am such a sucker for clogs!  

i love the stud detail on these & of course the embroidery is super fun! 

i've always been drawn to the 70's look...for example tonight when i walked in from work, i plopped down on the sofa for a bit & was chatting with my other half while he was casually flipping though the tv & all of a sudden a 1974 movie came on & it just stopped me in my tracks! to top it off it was in spanish & not dubbed in spanish either. 

i'm literally mesmerized by that era...the movies, the graphics, the architecture, the furniture...the hair, the make-up, the clothes, the CLOGS!