weil studio

. . . here are various photographic art glass installations by weil studio - founded by amanda weil, who is one fabulous photographer & artist.

i'm so glad i came across her work - click here weil studio for more absolutely stunning & creative glass photography! 

very inspiring - enjoy!

The combination of glass & translucent photography creates a very powerful medium. Glass is a very modern material. It can also be a very cold material. Bringing a photographic translucency to it, even on a monumental scale, brings a warmth & humanism to design. Just as glass is transformed by photography, imagery is transformed by light. A translucent image has a visceral effect. - Amanda Weil.

images via: weil studio
photography: michael skoglund 


belvedere - furniture & decorations

jennifer mccurdy ceramic vases

copper glace ceramic lamp in the chinese modern style c.1950 

Organic Sculpture by david katz

 french antique shagreen tripod ring side table by r + y augousti

. . . i was on the belvedere site today - here are just a few things #iwant

enjoy & HAPPY weekend to you!


snowflake curtain

. . . i've had this image in my curtain folder for quite some time now, i know it's a little too early for christmas decorating but it's never to early to get the ideas going - artsy & fun!


summer / fall dressing

. . . oh it's still hot as heck in dallas - i'm so looking forward to the cool front we're supposed to get this weekend! 

& this is the perfect dress for when the weather starts to cool down - lovely with sandals or flats & if it's really chilly a pair of boots!

image/designer: unknown