in the depth of winter . . .

photo via mary ruffle

photo via miles redd design

via paul costello photography 

. . . it's cold cold cold here in dallas! 

good day to stay in & hang around . . . with messy hair & cozy socks on your feet . . . or i could make a run to the mall . . . they have heat there!

"in the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer" - Albert Camus



seated woman in chair 

seated woman in striped dress 1965

seated woman on sofa 1965


untitled (c. 1963), unknown

untitled (c.1963), ink

. . . when i discovered richard diebenkorn i absolutely fell in love with his figure drawings.  he's well known for his landscapes, which i also love, but i'm really drawn to his figures.  

diebenkorn paintings included two major periods - an early figurative period & later an abstract period, which included the ocean park series. i'll post my favorites from that collection soon. diebenkorn was grouped together with the "bay area figurative movement" - which includes many more artist i'm excited to feature!

looking at these drawings i see a woman who may have just finished the dishes, may be walking in from a long day at work or just sitting, relaxing & watching her children play. 

what do you see? 

"all paintings start out of a mood, out of a relationship with things or people, out of a complete visual impression." - richard diebenkorn


. . . doppelganger week + remembering my father

it's doppelganger week on facebook . . . "Change your profile pic to someone famous you've been told you look like! Then we can all tell you if we agree or have a better idea!"

. . . we'll i've been told a few people - sandra bullock, marisa tomei & my sis says i look like eva longoria at certain angles. huh? o.k. sister! 

yes, they all have the dark hair, the dark eyes - so i can see it.  but i'd like to think i look like a young maria felix! that's what my dad used to tell me.  i remember him telling me i had her "ojos grandes y pestanas largas" her big eyes & long eyelashes & i remember thinking . . . really? i do papi? i also remember feeling oh so pretty & happy! 

i miss my father dearly, it's been eleven years since his passing & he's always in my thoughts & remarkably he's also frequently in my dreams - which i'm very thankful for. 

did i mention she was his favorite actress!

. . . sweet dreams to all!


oh how i miss . . .

what a beautiful cover!

. . . i loved getting my metropolitan home in the mail each month!

it was sad news to hear the magazine was closing after 28 years of publication - the december 2009 issue above was the last.  

you will be missed!


. . . photographer TOM MUNRO

. . . tom munro shoots lady gaga for the cover of january us elle 2010! 

i love his style, he seems to always capture a very intense mood in his photographs. i'm also absolutely loving the black & white covers elle has been doing for their subscribers...love the diagonal cover lines on this issue, very different from the usual.

on another note...i didn't know much about lady gaga other than i knew i liked her music. well, she was recently on oprah & i was very taken by her.  i found her to be very refreshing & articulate - she seems to have a very sweet & warm spirit. i must say i love lady gaga!

photos via elle.com


design firm: Eve Robinson Associates

Paul M. Jones designed the bench in the central gallery, where bronze mullions punctuate the back-painted glass paneling - INTERIOR DESIGN 

In the foyer, John Therien's credenza & Tyler Hays's captain's mirror - INTERIOR DESIGN 

In the living & dining room of this NY apartment, Eve Robinson dropped the ceiling, so it aligns with the top of the window, & concealed storage behind the cerused-oak paneling. Against it sits a settee by T.H. Ro - INTERIOR DESIGN 

A pair of French '40's lacquered armchairs, reupholstered in a cotton blend, face Clodagh's drum tables in steel & concrete - INTERIOR DESIGN 

Bronze & glass, the living area's cocktail table is French 1970's - INTERIOR DESIGN 

HervĂ© Van der Straeten gilt-bronze basket - INTERIOR DESIGN 

A Brazilian bronze sculpture in the living area - INTERIOR DESIGN 

German mid-century porcelain vases on Victoria Hagan's console in the living area - INTERIOR DESIGN 

The dining area centers on Christian Liaigre's table, complemented by leather-upholstered chairs, a bronze chandelier, & a custom wool rug. The print is by Mel Bochner - INTERIOR DESIGN 

1940's sideboard by Suzanne Guiguichon sits beneath a print by Tara Donovan in the living area - INTERIOR DESIGN 

In the kitchen, Bertjan Pot's pendant fixture hangs over the Eero Saarinen table & Andrew Jones chairs - INTERIOR DESIGN 

Jonathan Adler table & linen-covered pillows jazz up a sleeper sofa - INTERIOR DESIGN 

An antique wooden architectural model - INTERIOR DESIGN 

West African bottle stoppers in the husband's office - INTERIOR DESIGN 

The master bedroom's credenza by Hays faces a bench by Paul Mathieu - INTERIOR DESIGN 

Liaigre's bed backs up to the linen-upholstered wall of the master bedroom, which also features a photograph by Robert Longo - INTERIOR DESIGN 

. . . so, you know i work for a furniture design firm - here are a few photos of a renovation project we were happy to be a part of. we've worked with Eve Robinson Associates - http://www.everobinson.net/ - in the past & had the opportunity to design a set of white lacquer side tables for this project, which was a renovation/expansion of a NY condominium. 

she's a fabulous interior designer! her style is sophisticated & modern with a fresh & unpretentious approach. we are honored to have her as a client!

i love my job!

article: Expect the Unexpected by Jane Margolies 
photos: Eric Laignel http://ericlaignel.com/home.html


farnsworth house . . .

. . . it's freezing in Dallas!

i'm fascinated by ludwig mies van der rohe & his farnsworth house in plano, illinois. i came across these pictures on the farnsworth house blog & absolutely loved them. 

happy friday + stay warm wherever you are!

photos: Whitney French via http://www.farnsworthhouse.org/index.htm


it's a new year . . .

endless dance 

the beauty of a woman

it's a new year, which for me means a clean slate...a fresh start!  

my other half & i have been talking, here & there, about what our plans are for the new year. he wants to focus on his physical training. i need to start some sort of physical training, but for now i think i'll stick to my yoga at home. at least until the weather gets better & then i can start back on my evening walks, which sometimes turn into photographic journeys.    

i know that since i've started Hablan de Ella - i've only posted other peoples work.  which i will continue to do, but for the new year i am going to face my fear & start posting more of my own photos.  don't know what i'm afraid of...because i only have four followers (smile). no, you know what i mean, so yes, that is what i plan on working on for the new year!  

no worries, there will still be plenty of the fabulous eye candy i come across!

happy monday night!

"This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you & yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holidays!" - D.M. Dellinger