. . . photographer TOM MUNRO

. . . tom munro shoots lady gaga for the cover of january us elle 2010! 

i love his style, he seems to always capture a very intense mood in his photographs. i'm also absolutely loving the black & white covers elle has been doing for their subscribers...love the diagonal cover lines on this issue, very different from the usual.

on another note...i didn't know much about lady gaga other than i knew i liked her music. well, she was recently on oprah & i was very taken by her.  i found her to be very refreshing & articulate - she seems to have a very sweet & warm spirit. i must say i love lady gaga!

photos via elle.com


  1. I dont get her, yet!

  2. hello! i'm so excited because i got your comment in my in box...i'm such a goof! it was actually very easy to do - once i got in there further!
    yep...i totally know what you mean - i'm not a fan of most of her performance looks - but i do think she's got an awesome voice!

  3. anyone notice the massive photoshop fail on her right shoulder?