seated woman in chair 

seated woman in striped dress 1965

seated woman on sofa 1965


untitled (c. 1963), unknown

untitled (c.1963), ink

. . . when i discovered richard diebenkorn i absolutely fell in love with his figure drawings.  he's well known for his landscapes, which i also love, but i'm really drawn to his figures.  

diebenkorn paintings included two major periods - an early figurative period & later an abstract period, which included the ocean park series. i'll post my favorites from that collection soon. diebenkorn was grouped together with the "bay area figurative movement" - which includes many more artist i'm excited to feature!

looking at these drawings i see a woman who may have just finished the dishes, may be walking in from a long day at work or just sitting, relaxing & watching her children play. 

what do you see? 

"all paintings start out of a mood, out of a relationship with things or people, out of a complete visual impression." - richard diebenkorn

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