. . . doppelganger week + remembering my father

it's doppelganger week on facebook . . . "Change your profile pic to someone famous you've been told you look like! Then we can all tell you if we agree or have a better idea!"

. . . we'll i've been told a few people - sandra bullock, marisa tomei & my sis says i look like eva longoria at certain angles. huh? o.k. sister! 

yes, they all have the dark hair, the dark eyes - so i can see it.  but i'd like to think i look like a young maria felix! that's what my dad used to tell me.  i remember him telling me i had her "ojos grandes y pestanas largas" her big eyes & long eyelashes & i remember thinking . . . really? i do papi? i also remember feeling oh so pretty & happy! 

i miss my father dearly, it's been eleven years since his passing & he's always in my thoughts & remarkably he's also frequently in my dreams - which i'm very thankful for. 

did i mention she was his favorite actress!

. . . sweet dreams to all!

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