uni container by industreal

glazed white porcelain uni container

glazed black porcelain uni container

uni containters by industreal 

. . . i collect vintage milk glass, also known as the "poor man's porcelain" which by the way, i've never paid more than $1.00 for!  so, when i came across these containers - my eye was instantly drawn to the white one.  

although the black is quite stunning too!  

lovely stuff!

images via: gretel home


things i like . . .

paige novick malachite medallion cuff via vivre

croisiere by perrin paris caramel tote via vivre
chanel gold & black ombre earrings via fashion jewellries

belmacz  feathered rock archipenko ring
tory burch gold plated snake bangle elle magazine

chloe wedge via polyvore

balenciaga  tote via polyvore

charley 5.0 tencel v-neck via elle magazine

fallon jewelry brass & leather earrings via elle magazine

. . . i haven't done a "things i like" post in a good while - i'll try to post one more often. 

isn't this paige novick cuff just perfect! 

ahh, fashion - gotta love it all!


strut table from blu dot!

. . . i'm just in love with the color of this table & the pop of color it adds to these interiors - it comes in ivory, white, watermelon or slate.  

i'll take the watermelon of course!


blimp cat studio!

. . . so true! 

i discovered blimp cat recently - great graphic design on their etsy site! 

image via: blimp cat on etsy


michelle tholen's color & form series!

. . . today i'd like to share a few of my favorite pieces from san francisco based artist michelle tholen's color & form series - just stunning!

"Colors, light, shadows and perspective in the sky drive Michelle Tholen to create. 
Simplicity of landscapes reveal profound depth, drive imagination and create mystery." 

i really love this quote from her website - i don't go a day without looking up into the amazing & ever changing sky! 

if you happen to be in san francisco she's exhibiting today at mcevoy fine art.


isabel marant spring 2012 @parisfashionweek

. . . i love a comfy, slightly slouchy look & feel to my sweaters & tee's & i'm so loving isabel marant's spring 2012 looks! 

i've always been drawn to a chic boho look like + who wouldn't love a patchwork, embroidered skinny jean & you can never go wrong with the classic biker jacket cut. 

i know i'm jumping the gun with posting spring...i'll post fall-winter next!

enjoy my dears!