martin cooper . . .

. . . oh, i absolutely love these sketches

martin cooper is a fine art photographer, designer, costumer & blogger out of london.

"I've started sketching concept ballet costumes that are designed around 3 chief elements: the corset, ruched tulle, & the mutation of the leotard. The leotard is always the base, the foundation & the building block. The construction of the seams are sewn to the outside. I am essentially using the corsets as waist cinchers that are boned & laced, giving a nod to the classical corseted tutu, but done with a modern sensibility." - martin cooper via: http://www.martincooperphoto.com/


  1. How do you find such cool things?

  2. oh! you are too sweet!

    i don't know...i just come across them! ; )

    super good weekend to you...don't shop too much!