i want i want i want . . .

. . . all i want is a little bottle of nail polish...this mint green apple color...but it's all SOLD OUT!!!

For the nails, Karl wanted a green shade to evoke the jade notes of the collection. I worked with our laboratories to offer him a monochromatic palette of 10 green shades. We chose the color that most resembled the green tweed skirt suit from the collection,” - Peter Philips, CHANEL'S Global Creative Makeup Director

images via: http://www.style.com/
last (4) pics via: http://modelizing.blogspot.com/ 


  1. That is an excellent color. My favorite color is Estee Lauder White Beige.

  2. Hi Ms. Givens! So sorry for the very slow reply! I'm new to this blog thing & need to figure out how to get an e-mail alert when readers post comments...but, yes, i love this color - Essie's Mint Candy Apple is very close to this color. Best!