so this is me . . .

& all the dreamy, gorgeous & lovely things I Love!
Ask my sister & she'll tell you I've been wanting to start a blog for the longest time now. I love Interior Design Blogs, Fashion & Street Style Blogs, Foodie Blogs. I'm wildly interested & passionate about so many different things, you can say I'm pretty obsessed with it all...photography, art, cinema, fashion, interiors...it's never-ending!
I'm starting Hablan de Ella as my creative outlet, wish fulfillment, my escape + I also need to start emptying out all the folders on my computer...you see I come across so many beautiful images online & I just can't seem to not copy & paste all my finds! I'm always ripping apart my magazines, keeping things I love, making notes of things. So, I think this will be the perfect place for the many things that inspire my little ol' life, that make my heart skip a beat!
I hope you like what I like! Please let me know what you think & please come back often.  I promise to have plenty of eye candy for you! 

Oh & by the way I also LOVE my husband, family, friends, my job, estate sales, stationary, pipping hot coffee, bossa nova, vintage art, antique jewelry, museums, paper weights, old mirrors, magazines, reality t.v., shopping, Frida Kahlo, bookstores, nail polish, car trips, sketch notebooks, the ocean, iced coffee, old & new lamps, old houses, old buildings, Penelope Cruz & all her movies!

LOVE life y'all!

Images: a few self-portraits taken back on 8/13/08 with my Chloe-esque sunglasses