happy rugs by GANDIA BLASCO

The Trama Round Rug designed by 

The Trama Round Rug designed by Odosdesign

The Caleido Round Rug designed by Odosdesign 

Caleido Rug designed by Odosdesign

The Books Rug designed by Jose A. Gandia 

The Broken Rug in Grey designed by 

The Circulos Rug designed by Jose A. Gandia

The Codigo Rug designed by Jose A. Gandia

The Flower Rug in Pistachio Green designed by 

Flower Rug in Red designed by Patricia Urquiola

The Champinones designed by Jose A. Gandia

The Okura White Rug designed by 

The Persa Rug in Green designed by Francesc Rife

The Persa Rug in Ivory designed by Francesc Rife

The Persa Rug in Pistacho designed by Francesc Rife 

I normally don't like rugs that are too bold - but I came across these & really liked them. Thought they were very HAPPY, FUN rugs & can you just imagine the texture against your feet - they are 100% new wool + you know I loved the photography!

GANDIA BLASCO- http://www.gandiablasco.com/ 
is a family company that originated in 1941 in Valencia, Spain. They started with the production of blankets. In the early 90's they branched out into carpet, home-textile, furniture & lighting products. In '96 they launched the first outdoor funiture collection by the architect Ramon Esteve http://www.ramonesteve.com/. All items are still produced in their factory in Valencia.

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