. . . i still love you

. . . i haven't posted in a little while - my apologies!!!

i haven't forgotten about my little blog here, i think of it often & i will try to be better.  especially since i've got tons of stuff in store.  i'll be back in full swing starting tomorrow & if not tomorrow for sure on thursday...smile.

i do want to let you know about a little something i've been working on & very excited about.  the reason i've been super busy is because i've been researching, creating & promoting a Facebook Fan Page + a Blog for the furniture design firm i work for - Square One Furniture!  i would love for you to join me there: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Square-One-Furniture/160124387989?ref=ts  

i absolutely love my job & this new Fan Page + Blog is a way for me & my colleagues to record our thoughts on the furniture design process.  Share our inspirations & all the beautiful things we come across when working with designers to create the perfect piece of furniture for their projects!  

...it's been a long but very good day...goodnight, dear universe.  I shall see you tomorrow!

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