blenko & empoli glass by vm glasshouse . . .

"chianti decanter" with teardrop body & loop handle - designed in 1951

balustrade form vase, circa 1960's

very tall connical decanter with deeply pleated body & large teardrop stopper, circa 1950's

decanter with broad, flared base & pencil neck with thin flame stopper - designed in 1961

cylindrical decanter with dramatically elongated neck & teardrop stopper, circa1950's

dramatic elongated neck ewer with dimpled base, circa 1950's

mall vase with four "sucked in" sides - designed in 1953

vase with elongated neck & low wide base with spikes, circa1950's

cylindrical decanter with ball stopper, circa1950's

decanter with broad, flared base & pencil neck with thin flame stopper - designed in 1961

empoli cased glass, large "Caged" vase circa 1950's

tall rectangular bottle with dramatically elongated neck, circa1950's

mall genie decanter - designed in 1958, made for 1 year only, in this color

pyramidal or obelisk form decanter with solid rectangular crystal stopper - designed in 1960, made for 2 years only, 1 year in this color

large footed ovoid decanter with teardrop stopper, circa1950's

elaborate disk footed vase with applied crimped vertical ribbon & crown cut top, optic rib body, circa1920's

. . . oh how i love vintage blenko & empoli glass! these are just a few of my favorites from vm glasshouse...just beautiful!

so many amazing pieces on their site + tons of info on the history of hand blown mid-20th century blenko & empoli glass...go here to see, drool, & learn more! 

images + info via: vm glasshouse


  1. Love the one with spikes.

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