illustrator erin petson . . .

. . . i haven't been posting as often, but hey it's summer & things seem to move a little slow for me during the summer months.  i've also been on a little mini break from work this past week - still doing a little bit of work from home, but for the most part i've been sleeping in & just enjoying hanging around & going to lunch with everyone i don't usually get to see during the work week. 

today, i thought i'd share the lovely work of erin petson - she's one of my favorite illustrators! i love how her drawings depict very quite, solemn moments.

well, i'm off to have a very late lunch with my other half - lebanese second day in a row!

. . . wishing everyone a sunny weekend! 


  1. Love the one with the umbrella and the one with the purple tights. Nice post.

  2. . . . thanks! love them all, but really love love love the 1st one! had it on my desktop for a while!