inspiration . . .

. . . i love quotes, poetry & inspirational messages like the one below...hope you are having a super splendid day! 

Everyone believes that their beliefs are the right ones - that is why they are called beliefs.

Beliefs, convictions, opinions. When does a belief bring out the best in you? When does a belief hold you prisoner to yesterday & limit your options for designing a great future?

Test your beliefs with as much objectivity as you can bring to the subject. Be willing to let go of those beliefs that represent your parents' opinions or your communities opinions rather than your own.

Those beliefs that withstand rigorous testing become the foundation of your  being - your reason for living. Take action on those beliefs. - dream this day


  1. I feel that way about religion. You should test out what you are learning and make sure what you are being taught is the truth. Only be in a religion if you believe its the truth.

  2. - i agree. i totally believe in doing what makes you happy, if that particular religion makes you happy then that's awesome, for you.