today's horoscope!

. . . i used to read my horoscope religiously back in my early 20's - i don't keep up with it anymore but i came across the site astro style today & really liked what it had to say. 

" You've got such a great imagination, Scorpio. Don't keep that creativity to yourself. When you tap into your artistic spirit, you're capable of some seriously huge visions. Today, connect with like-minded people, perhaps even ones who are in another state or even country. Check around the web to find your "tribe." You're tuning into a large sensibility, and you're on the cutting edge of a cultural shift. " - astro style

i liked the part about my "tribe" - funny because i've connected with some really awesome, "like-minded" people via several social media sites including my blog here!  lovely, lovely people who share the same love & passion that i have for photography, interiors, fashion, arts & crafts.

if you're ready this you know exactly who you are & i'd like to say THANK YOU for your kind & encouraging words, for always being there - sending me your virtual support!  

illustration: yoko furusho 

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