artist miranda skoczek

florid flourish  2009

black & white arrangements 2009

aztec desire

untitled 2008

hawa mahal 2009

air, fire, water 2009

triangles with a slightly japanese inflection 2009

royal chapel suite #2 2008

dreaming of a delightfully earthly landscape 2009

the beautiful and the good #2

. . . i love the pop of luminescent yellow in her paintings!

when it comes to interior settings, i usually like neutral colors but with artwork i love bold, rich color! 

"...i am constantly in a process of hiding & revealing." - miranda skoczek 

to see more go here: http://www.mirandaskoczek.com/


  1. I am not sure I am a fan, but I love the colors.

  2. i love the 1st one with the mostly black...think the zebra is fun & i like the pink profile of the lady!