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photo via Design Sponge

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. . . i think tonight will be a "catching up on my reading night"!

it just feels like one of those nights . . . it's cold out, i had a good & very busy day & now i just want to take time to be in solitude, in silence . . . i want to lose myself in a book.

" everything is a blessing , everything is a learning "  -  Julia C. Sacasa de Checa

happy monday night!


  1. I am currently reading Michael Crichtons " State of Fear ".

  2. hi there ms. givens!

    i recently read Push - it was pretty hard to read...very graphic. did you see the movie?

    i'm reading The Lovely Bones - saw the movie & remembered how good the book was!

    ...want to also say THANK YOU for your comments! with this blog thing, it's really nice to know + it's a nice surprise to know someone is looking @ it!

    thanks again & all the best!