fuse lighting . . .

avanti table lamp 
white lacquered base & white leather

black lacquered base with custom snake skin

white gloss lacquer and brown leather

acacia table lamp 
in brushed brass with white silk pongee shade

classic bronze pods with gildied interior

. . . i absolutely love lighting! 

i came across these two lovely lamps by designer kevin kolanowski for fuse lighting - the avanti & the acacia. 

the brushed brass base on the acacia is to die for + i love the look of the leather strap wrapped around the base...infinite options on the type of leather or material you can use!   

i actually have a box full of scarves...i think i'm going to freshen up a few of my lamps & wrap pretty scarves around them! 


  1. Love the one with the brown leather.

  2. ...yes, very nice - gives them a bit of a tough feel too!