a little project . . .

. . . i love trays & love displaying objects in them...everything from my jewelry to books & magazines!

a few weeks ago, while at work, i took these photos of the union square tray - from the square one furniture collection.  by the way, i also posted them to my work related blog, i'd love for you to join me there too! click here to pop right over. 

. . . & just for fun i looked up the definition of the word tray on wikipedia:

tray is a shallow platform designed for carrying things. It is larger than a salver, a diminutive version commonly used for lighter & smaller servings, & it can be fashioned from numerous materials, including silver, brass, sheet iron, wood, melamine, & papier-mâché. Some examples have raised galleries, handles, & short feet for support. 

Trays are flat, but with raised edges to stop things from sliding off of them. They are made in a range of shapes but are commonly found in oval or rectangular forms, sometimes with cutout or attached handles with which to carry them - via wikipedia