marie claire's: taylor tomasi hill

. . . i've been thinking of doing something different with my hair...a different cut for sure, but i've mostly been thinking of a different color.

i'm currently having a hair color crush on taylor tomasi hill's gorgeous shade of red - isn't it perfect! 

i'm a dark brunette & don't have this skin tone, so i probably won't be doing this...but i can still love it!

taylor is marie claire's style & accessories director.

images via: refinery 29


  1. I can see why. Her hair color was the first thing I noticed.
    I am 42 and my hair has been turning gray since I was 17. I am just now letting it grow out again to see what it looks like. I havent let my true color show since I was 28.

  2. ...hey there...i've recently started getting a few grays & therefore have had color on the mind! just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my stuff...you are too too sweet...i need to be better about commenting!!!